Experience powerful awakenings and evolutionary healing from the world of Spirit.
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Discover the Divine within You!

Within you is a Plane of Unity, a Creative Infinite Intelligence called the Soul, which wishes to serve and uplift your human experience.

Your Souls vast potential can be ignited within you through simple evolutionary tools, activations and guidance which have been directly sourced from the powerful and loving Collective Consciousness known as The Union of Love & Light, with its central teacher Amun-Min offering ground breaking knowledge and loving support to you and your unfolding journey.

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Inspiring Events

Meditation & Healing Circle

Mins Masterclass

Spiritual Egypt Tour 2018

We are going to Egypt in October and November 2018 and this will be no ordinary Tour as we sit at the feet of the Great Sphinx at sunrise and cruise the Nile on the light of a full moon with the powerful Egyptian guide Amun-Min!

There are only 4 places left for these two unique Tours!

Evolutionary Courses

Diamond Light Healing Activations

Diamond Light


“We perceive within each of you a light,a mystery and a divinity of such beauty...

It renders us speechless
- Amun Min-

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