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2020- A time to transform on the inside!

Welcome to The Invisible College where the power, love and knowledge of the spiritual realms are directly streamed to humanity.

Simple evolutionary tools directly sourced from the powerful and loving Collective Consciousness known as The Union of Love & Light will ignite your soul and its full potential! 

One of the College’s master teachers, Amun-Min, has been channeled by internationally acclaimed trance medium Jennifer Starlight for over 15 years and offers ground breaking knowledge and techniques for emotional well being and spiritual awakening. Both Jennifer & Peter Harris are dedicated stewards of this most wonderful and unique work and look forward to inspiring you with Spirits loving truths.

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Inspiring Events

Sacred Scotland Journey -July 2021

 Join Jennifer & Peter as they travel into the heart of mysticism, magic and folk legend within the far northern reaches of the Scottish Isles!

We will be guided by experts in the field of Scotland, Druidism & Ritual and visit the most ancient and powerful sacred sites for your Soul.

Jennifer’s abilities as a professional Trance Medium will add a unique and tangible depth to both your experience and transformation through the Spirit world guiding us directly with ancient knowledge & wisdom.

Walk the path of the original magicians and reawaken your own memories within the Mystical Isles!

Evolutionary Courses

Diamond Light Healing Activations

'New Soul Deep'
Diamond Light

New Diamond Light Astrology Course!

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