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Welcome to The Invisible College where the power, love and knowledge of the spiritual realms are directly streamed to humanity.

Simple evolutionary tools directly sourced from the powerful and loving Collective Consciousness known as The Union of Love & Light will ignite your soul and its full potential! 

One of the College’s master teachers, Amun-Min, has been channeled by internationally acclaimed trance medium Jennifer Starlight for over 15 years and offers ground breaking knowledge and techniques for emotional well being and spiritual awakening. Both Jennifer & Peter Harris are dedicated stewards of this most wonderful and unique work and look forward to inspiring you with Spirits loving truths.

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Inspiring Events

Gold Class Egypt Tour-March 2020

We are returning to Egypt on the 29th February 2020! And this will be no ordinary Tour as we sit at the feet of the Great Sphinx at sunrise and cruise the Nile by the light of a silvery moon with the powerful Egyptian Guide & Teacher Amun-Min!

‘This is the most amazing inner journey you can make with your family of like minded people. You will be astounded at what you discover inside and out. A must for everyone!’–  Michelle Barsby -Diamond Light Astrologer

Evolutionary Courses

“Thank you Jennifer, Peter & Spirit. You are at the forefront of our evolving humanness.... providing us with facts and direct experiences that resonate with integrity and truth.Thank you for creating a safe and sacred space for me to remember and experience the immense majesty of my own human heart.” Blessings to you- Shelley Ann, Boonah,QLD

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