Here we meet in a time of great love, movement and change... The Union of Love & Light
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2024 -The Year of Transformation & Soul Direction

Welcome to The Invisible College where the power, love and knowledge of the spiritual realms are directly streamed to YOU & humanity.

2024 is an invitation to let go of the confusion & illusion and finally begin to travel on the super highway of your Soul and not the bumpy goat track of your mind!

Everything in the Universe is supporting you to heal, transform and embrace your own higher intelligence, remarkable intuition and powers of manifestation.

It is a year to succeed through surrender to your Soul or to struggle through the control of your mind.

2024 will go down in history as a time of huge challenges and huge breakthroughs in all fields of society and to ensure you are on the breakthrough side of things it is imperative to connect consciously with your beautiful Soul and the spirit world that serves us.

So, we shall be offering in depth courses and information throughout this amazing year to help you to find your heart and your true freedom within.

Here at the College we are very blessed to have the guidance and grace of The Union of Love & Light who describe themselves as the Circumference of Conscious emanating from Original Source Energy. You can receive regular energetic updates and world forecasts from Jennifer and this ancient consciousness on our FaceBook Diamond Light Community and we look forward to actively communicating with you there.


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Jennifer Starlight has been in service to Spirit for over 30 years channelling the ancient consciousness of The Union of Love & Light since 1996. In Invisible Grace Jennifer shares her own intimate journey back into the loving consciousness of Spirit and does not hold back on debunking the misinformation that has perhaps held you back from discovering your own invisible grace within. Jennifer’s other extraordinary books Union & Joy & Diamond Light Numerology are all available in the shop.

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